Something. Different.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmingly full that you empty everything within

Just so you can feel something. Different?

Legacy by Eli Oko

It’s not about love but it is and although it’s not about death, it is. But it’s a little positive… and hopefully a little inspiring. It’s about growing through the feeling of feeling nothing so that one day you can leave behind something.

Bloom by Eli Oko

If your roots have outgrown the pot you grew in – get a bigger pot. If you find that you are not getting the light you need – find another location. You, my human friend, deserve to be as selfish as  a plant – and bloom.   Please share on your social media platforms and…

So Now I Can by Eli Oko

Inhale As my past feels stretched out like it’s smothering my face I lay on my back Spine curving into the surface Each limb connected as numb as my heart Pulsing to the sounds I hear As the blood rushes through my veins I like the pink reflexion my complexion consumes I’ve barely moved a…