broken mind

curse this...

if poetry wore clothes

“when so many are lonely... it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.”

Body Over Mind by Eli Oko

I have aunties I have buried And now I'm trying to find the time

EÖ Presents 》Clear Path by Amami.H

"Let not the bend distort your focus. "

I woke up this morning…

I wear many shoes daily and feel the active force behind it. 

i come in peace

Truth is...

before i go by Eli Oko

Suffocating, so that I can breathe and not feel numb and not feel love.

wear pink by Eli Oko

i remember the first time i wore pink.

The Longest White Gown by Eli Oko

I have watched many women who were pillars of encouragement lose their independence and become statues in their homes. Behind those now mute figures lay memories of strength. I wrote this for all to remember them.

Another throwback poem. 16/03/2014

Rays by Eli Oko

Thoughts about life.

Poem written in 2014.