or forever hold your peace.

Fighting the Deep by Eli Oko

twenty seven years later.

She Was And Is And Always Will Be by Eli Oko

Perhaps you have convinced everyone else, but are yet to convince yourself.

tomorrow’s fields by eli oko

How especially sacred feeling slightly better truly feels.

5 Tips For A Passionate Writer

5 Tips to help all levels of aspiring writers be that much greater at what they do best.

A Dialogue Between Two Drowning Poets…

...stand still and let it find you.

Birds by Eli Oko

I dream that Birds have been taking notes of us
And now the roles reversed.

Lo siento by Eli Oko

"I wrote this a while ago... and the truth is we are nearly at 24."


when will it be if...

Jar of hearts by Eli Oko

I guess that's just how I feel. I tell myself to forget about this person. Then I write about them still.