IT is finished!

30/09/2017 @ 3:03am I can finally say...

Too Great by Eli Oko

See I know you'll never read a line... Which is fine, I tried.

A-Z Of All I’ve Met

A - Annabel B - Brenda C - Chris (Whoever you wish this to be) D - Davinia E - Elijah F - Francisca (She has the same name as me) G - Greta H - Hanson ( A path I feel privileged to explore) I - Isaac J - Joseph (My brother who gave … Continue reading A-Z Of All I’ve Met

“Written Today, Heard Tomorrow” Extract by Eli Oko

  • hands • We are the hands clasped tight The palms open wide We are the veins pumping The words flowing through them We are the distilled emotions As if fingers running through a tangeled skull Untwisting knots in thoughts that are dull We are the hands That carried weight When even your heart … Continue reading “Written Today, Heard Tomorrow” Extract by Eli Oko

Fatherless by Eli Oko

Perhaps I should know how it feels to be woken up by the biggest hand I’ll ever feel whispering, “breakfast is ready” I should remember what it was like picking the chair closest to daddy, ensuring no gap resided between us as we ate ready-break on cold winter mornings I’d be silly to forget the … Continue reading Fatherless by Eli Oko

Vocals by Eli Oko

I have only the sound of my words to identify my thoughts and intentions I hate that I can express the thoughts on my mind Through a method more divine I guess the main thing I am looking for is an intervention I hear the questions how and why as if we’ve been questioning for … Continue reading Vocals by Eli Oko

The season of warmth by Eli Oko

  Winters my favourite time of year with family as we snuggle by the heat It’s the periodic shivers and the thick socks on my feet Winds that remind us why we need to wear our hats and scarf Preparing us to appreciate the soon sunshine, shorts and laughs Winter makes me want to stay … Continue reading The season of warmth by Eli Oko

Waiting … by Eli Oko

When waiting, it seems like years have passed Oh, I am waiting for a text I am waiting for something to make me smile, My problems to forget I am waiting for that moment when nothing else compares Or maybe it does, but I don’t really care. I am waiting for that light that overtakes … Continue reading Waiting … by Eli Oko

If Walls Could Speak

If my bedroom walls could speak They’d ask me why you left They’d beg me to stop being stubborn And to clean up all my mess They’d ask a million questions about the things you’re up to now And I wouldn’t really answer, because I wouldn’t quite know how They’d wonder where my smile went … Continue reading If Walls Could Speak