Clued Up – ‘Chemistry’ Part 1 of 2

Chemistry In Love

SO you want to be clued up on love? Well then we need to start with the basics, Chemistry! It sounds complicated now but hopefully after a few series of articles you’ll be more confident. These points can even be used to enhance your social skills. So read and enjoy!

Body Language

Your body language says a lot, it is the first thing the person will use to detect whether they should attempt to interact with you. Through your body language you can invite or repel someone and hence why it’s so important to always be aware of it. So how can you possibly repel someone with just your body language? Some key points to notice are;

–       Arm position – If folded this makes you distant and even may make you seem ‘stuck up’. It’s a huge no if you really want to seem approachable. Someone easy to talk to would be standing relaxed hands by the side makes you look bored, fiddling seems nervous so i prefer to try and ensure my hands are occupied, whether this is holding a drink or paper, work with your environment whether you’re at a bar or office there is something you can use.

–       Eye contact – Even if the person has not approached you yet completely dodging eye contact makes you seem as though you’re not interested, be aware of his position without staring but also continue with the activity you were doing whether it was writing or dancing. Unfortunately not everyone can keep calm under these circumstances but try to! When they do come over make good eye contact and do not attempt to ‘out stare’ but it just shows you are listening.

–       Body positioning – this is something people often look over, how you stand is very important even if the person is on the other side of the room position your body so that if they were to come over from that direction it would be easy to start talking. Do not turn your back to them because that makes them assume you’re really not bothered. If your are busy then obviously continue your task as normal but don’t become flustered and spin around if they come over, hence why i say be aware of their position.

So that’s three good points to consider and there are many more! But its best to get those under your belt comfortably before moving on, while you’re putting those into practice maybe it is best to read up on how you can identify if someone is looking interestingly at you, what to expect from their body language and some common misjudgments will be discussed in the next article! Subscribe to get a email of when it is up. Make sure you are Clued Up!

Any Thoughts?

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