"Love is a journey, there's always a destination"
“Love is a journey, there’s always a destination”
There is this one person. One human being on earth whom understands the cryptic analogy I possess. Where our sentences correlate and opinions complement each others thoughts and ambitions. Everything they do I am awed by and there is nothing I do that is not supported. I guess the line between dreams and reality have got so close, I no longer am able to decipher. Phone calls remind me this is real but emotions feel make believe. I wake up to a better life than in my sleep and pray it never ends lately. This person pushes me to accomplish goals and achieve whatever I set my mind to. 5 years running and we have never had a raging argument, We’ve never exchanged hurtful words but still lay beneath all the things left unsaid. I’d much rather live forever as friends than spend a second in doubt about further progression in our relationship. It’s the fact that no matter what happens in our lives, who comes and goes as they please, we always end up in the same place. Stronger than ever and more determined as individuals. Seeing someone grow is nice but growing with them is special. From the age of 15 I have been embarking on the boat of friendship. We are like a ship sailing across the ocean, exposed to dramatic weather conditions and hungry sea creatures, however we have solidity in our presence and can never be thrown over deck nor shipwrecked in the midst of a storm. We deal with things alone, but not because we have to. I’ve always loved the company of one whom you can be yourself around, who doesn’t think your perfect, but that’s perfectly fine to them. We are so far apart, yet so close in heart. We are living two separate lives but walking the same path. You are my everything without doing anything at all. I guess that is why those words do not need to be confirmed. We don’t have anything to prove… But subconsciously we will guide ourselves to shore, where we will build a camp fire and spend the rest of our lives together. I don’t need shelter when your heart is my home and you’re forever living in mine.

To My Other Half x

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