Tips to gaining Organic Followers!

What to tweet, When & Why A "Clued Up" Article The one thing many love about twitter in comparison to Facebook is that theoretically you can tweet as much as you want and no one really has the right to moan about it. Twitter is often known for updates like “Finally on the Bus”. On … Continue reading Tips to gaining Organic Followers!

The season of warmth by Eli Oko

  Winters my favourite time of year with family as we snuggle by the heat It’s the periodic shivers and the thick socks on my feet Winds that remind us why we need to wear our hats and scarf Preparing us to appreciate the soon sunshine, shorts and laughs Winter makes me want to stay … Continue reading The season of warmth by Eli Oko

A Year Gone By by Eli Oko

A Year Gone By Long gone are the days where I smiled without reason Changed are my ways, just like the season Lost in a whirlwind, influx of pain Returning to emptiness in every sort of way Blown are the leaves that lay on my heart That covered the bruises and reveals all the scars … Continue reading A Year Gone By by Eli Oko