5 Tips For A Passionate Writer

Tip #1

Don’t force your writing to have a beginning, middle and end structure like most books are read. The true art to writing is to allow inspiration to flow. So wherever the creative juices take you, go!

Tip #2

When your creative juices feel to be running slow switch over to editing your work. It could be a completely different project but the change in activity could spark some fresh ideas or at least help to iron over some older ones. I’m sure you can find a spelling or grammar mistake somewhere or the one word that just doesn’t fit that needs replacing. Tackle it now!

Tip #3

Tell your family and friends or whoever looks over your work for you not to be kind! Poke at them for some constructive criticism. The harsh realities of some elements of your work that may need improving will only help you to grow as a writer.

Tip #4

You have a RT. You have a Whatsapp groupchat hitting off. You have 3 messages from your distant cousin on Facebook. Someone just went live on Instagram. So-and-So just uploaded a video on YouTube. Switch your device on a setting that basically says “Right now, I don’t Care!”.  You’ll thank yourself in an hour or so time. Discipline Yourself!

Tip #5

Yes you write fabulous things but remember there are other very talented individuals out there, dare I say even more talented than you!  Go and explore and read some good writing. It will only help you to be even greater at what you do. You’ll also enjoy your writing more as you learn to write what you’d like to read, not necessarily just what you think others would want.

I hope all of you passionate writers feel more empowered by these great tips! Feel free to share your own tips with me over on Twitter.


image 1: Toa Heftiba| unsplash.com
image 2: Nicole Honeywill | unsplash.com
image 3: Dmitry Ratushny | unsplash.com

Any Thoughts?

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