Vocals by Eli Oko

I have only the sound of my words to identify my thoughts and intentions

I hate that I can express the thoughts on my mind

Through a method more divine

I guess the main thing I am looking for is an intervention

I hear the questions how and why as if we’ve been questioning for time

And their voices start to raise, lower expectations as their tone gets high

I call these vocals

When the whole room begins to judge with their eyes and they don’t sit with you

And they won’t say hi to you, just bitter sighs behind the cries for their own ego to be rubbed

But I won’t touch them

I have no need to be cared for by a wild creature, I won’t hurt them

I’m sound in my peace within, words so fluent but I never rehearsed them

I call these vocals

Either the chords have been replaced on the piano of their heart because they do all things for and by their self

No light in the dark, maybe I should have started

When the end came I asked it… will you answer when hope calls

Those lyrics that choke all

Feet that walk and won’t stall

Desperate to be free but no force

Can enable me to be anything else but me

I call these vocals

Or maybe it’s the thought of letting go and holding on to something they’ll never know

Will it make them better or better known? Their choices

It makes them weaker as their hills get steeper

Just 3 steps away from the feature

Noises, Like the water in canary

They’re the bridges over stagnant water, it’s scary

The wind blows hard and with no stars above, the moon is the focal

Orbiting around us for centuries but still it astounds us we say wow, because

I call these vocals

The lasting print of the hand that felt me when no one else held me

I’m thankful

When the neon eyes watched time fly by and ended on a high

I’m so thankful

I saw curls and flicks and the most random bits

Of everything that I’m thankful

For the words unsaid, and the turn of heads when the herd was in

I’m too thankful

All the coloured rays, of the fruity waves made me say things to show that

I’m thankful

But most of all

I stand with the strongest

Thankful for the longest

Of times I’ve had to handle the worst things

I’m thankful because

I call these vocals.

Any Thoughts?

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