The Beauty of Age by Eli Oko


Staring into the mirror, what have I become

As the wrinkles get deeper, I count one by one

The scars in my eyes

As I stand in fear of my past

That it catches up to my future and divides me like parts

A moment ago I was young and had goals

and now I stand fragile, as age takes its toll

I have an ambitious heart as my memories assure

I only care for the lessons, as it opens up doors

I fall short laying on clouds as I aimed for the stars

I battled through the storm now remain in the calm.

This mirror never lies, I remind myself daily

And will not allow wrinkles or gray hair to faze me

I’ve made it so far and still march on

As I know where I’m going and know where I’m from

I proudly stand firm, gladly take to the stage

As I quite gradually realize the beauty of age.

Any Thoughts?

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