That’s Fine by Eli Oko


Can I highlight the fine line between the plain truths and white lies

Things are not always black and white guys

Mothers have powers, anything lost they can find

It’s the power within, like an owl with their eyes

Despite through the high times

Mothers are not always right guys and that’s fine.

Fathers can be maternal if mothers can be paternal

The grass is never greener on the other side, if the answer concerned you

Age doesn’t mean maturity

And you won’t always rise from the poetry

The dark art that life paints on the clear canvass in front of me and that’s fine.

Loving someone won’t hurt you, but their actions and words will

We’re all too close for comfort, humans in traffic, and its roadkill

It’s possible to die a little inside but still be alive

When you’re loved one turns and waves – you won’t find the good in goodbye and that’s fine.

Lying is a sign of weakness, there’s no creative lie to be proud of

We’re just living and surviving, finding numbers to round off

We fall short of the best, short sticks that we find

I had to learn all the truths, taking notes from my muse and that’s fine.

I had to learn all the truths, from the roots and that’s fine.

Any Thoughts?

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