My appreciation runs deep

Roots of a tree

Greatness from the ground

That’s what I reap

Effort I have sown

What have people seen

Numbers in the soil

Letters in my seeds

Nutrients they are

Watch me as I grow

Appreciation deep

Inspiration flows

Will the people weep

Weaken down my foes

Find a friend again

In enemies I’ve come to own

Voices that I hear

Of faces that I’ve known

Appreciation deep

Heart begins to glow

Parcels I have sent

With thank you’s made of ink

An easy thing to say

Was harder than you think

Appreciation deep

I had to let it sink

No words are quick to find

No hugs can you inscribe

When it’s traveling overseas

How hard you’ll have to try

Flowers begun to bloom

Roots grown through the crooks

Appreciation deep

For the hands that hold my book.

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