5 Features You Probably Forgot Your Android Can Do!

Hey My Nerd Birdies!

I have used my Android device for nearly 4 years now and well, time has taken it’s toll on its speed especially. So whenever I can find shortcuts or cool tricks and tips I ensure I utilise them. If you are like me and would like to suck some life from your old device and feel brand new again. Here are 5 little tricks you probably forgot you can do!



1 – Super boost your multi-tasking


I often find myself shooting between multiple apps and now you can get to them even easier. If you double tap the left sensitive button near your home button you can switch between your current and last open app seamlessly!


2 – That folder life made easy

So if you are like me and love organised apps then you would be so sad when you have an influx of new apps added and no time to sit dragging and dropping them into their respective folders. Well now the folder life is easy! While in edit mode, open the folder you would like to work with and then press +add at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to add multiple apps to the selected folder at once. No more drag and drop!

App folders scrsht

3 – Bringing the menu button closer to home

Do you feel a little too lazy to hit that menu button that often squeezes itself into the top right hand corner of the screen? IT is now three little vertical dots that make the task even more uninteresting however you need to use the menu button… and now you can do it closer to home. LITERALLY! Hold down the sensitive ‘back’ button to the right of your home button to open and close the drop down menu list in ANY app!


4 – Notification drawer hidden feature

Initially I was happy to be able to change the notification drawer toggles layout. you can select how many grids the layout has by selecting the menu button and pressing drawer layout.

Noti Drawer Scrnsdht

However as a bonus trick add ‘Auto Shazam’ to your notification drawer to set up an easy access shortcut to Shazam music. And my favourite – add ‘Nearby’ to the notification drawer to toggle the feature of being linked to nearby devices and websites in your surrounding area as you travel – pretty awesome! Looking forward to checking this out further.

shazams crnshtNearby scrsht

5 – You have options!

When I say Flipboard or Briefing to any longtime Samsung Galaxy user it is usually followed by a number of grunts and complaints. We all pretty much hated Flipboard and at the first chance to disable it, we rightly did! However, upon looking for some widget tricks I came across another alternative to Flipboard which at first glance seems to work way better. Simply enter the home screen widget options and slide to the very first window and toggle on Upday. First of all, barely any lag when you slide to and from the widgets screen and it works in connection with your phone, with your gmail account and just seems more seamless. It takes the Google Cards experience and brings the most recent news updates to your fingertips. I am still to test out how this feature feels on a long term basis but for now I say the option is a great one. Adios Flipboard and Hola Upday!

flipboard scrsht


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