I woke up this morning…

I wear many shoes daily and feel the active force behind it. 

i come in peace

Truth is...

Like Origami by Eli Oko

Fold me like origami I am a prepackaged square Bend my surface and create lines that will forever define my shape Make me into something beautiful As my curves begin to form Like jagged edges of swords Let the war between my art, fight Let it roar as if a lion This beast of a … Continue reading Like Origami by Eli Oko

So Now I Can by Eli Oko

Inhale As my past feels stretched out like it's smothering my face I lay on my back Spine curving into the surface Each limb connected as numb as my heart Pulsing to the sounds I hear As the blood rushes through my veins I like the pink reflexion my complexion consumes I've barely moved a … Continue reading So Now I Can by Eli Oko

EÖ Presents 》 Where Do I Begin by Greta Sviderskyte

Where do I begin? I am feeling something that is difficult to describe. It's something along the lines, of an empty space inside of me that needs to be filled. Not with answers to questions that so many question. The questions to why? Why me? Why do all of these innocent people die? Why does … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》 Where Do I Begin by Greta Sviderskyte