Like Origami by Eli Oko

Fold me like origami

I am a prepackaged square

Bend my surface and create lines that will forever define my shape

Make me into something beautiful

As my curves begin to form

Like jagged edges of swords

Let the war between my art, fight

Let it roar as if a lion

This beast of a design

I am woman

Fold me like origami

As I am held

Delicately in the eyes of my creator

But left to unfold in the hands of haters

Add pleats to my foundation

Make me special again

And then watch me be

Like tiny creatures floating at sea

Watch me be free

A request I plead

Fold me like origami

I have seen the tides crash in on my vessels

Like a vulnerable ship captured

I have felt the torrents rise seeking revenge

But I never Capsized

My strength they omit

With bone folders they sharpen the crimps

This is the lesson in life

As we grow and unite

Forming into what our creator initially designed

In time, I will know perfection

And you will not follow the creases in my eyes

To determine my worth

Tracing your fingers across my worse

Trying to determine my model

Like ancient ships at sea

It is 17:17 and I am in your hands

In submission to your plans

adapting in every way that I can

Side by side, fold me

Like origami.

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