Selling a New Product – 3 Key Points

Do you have a product/service that you need to sell harder than anyone else because it’s new; it is innovative and fresh out the box? Well here are some tips as to how to make it stand out. advertising-salesman











Well done for providing something no one else is providing, giving what no one else is giving and it’s about showing that this new idea is worth the attention, that if they don’t take up your offer now they will just be doing it later. Remind them that following the crowd is second best to leading the crowd. And being the first in any industry is where the money is. Your work, service, product or idea to enhance their business or personal image is not something they may initially realize they want but none the less it is something they need.

If you can be persuasive and sell it as if this was a life or death matter – you’re in the bag and success is shortly down the road. The first sale is always the hardest but perseverance is the key and persuasiveness is the skill. Use that to get what you want, where you want and how you want it. The best thing with new products or services is that there were no set rules or regulations; it’s never been done before so the playing field belongs to you. Step out there and take control.

Of course though you want to ensure that your product/service meets the expectations you set, that it provides the results you mentioned and that it really will be worth the money and time they exert into it. Remember that word of mouth is strong, and yes as much as great recommendations can grow your product or services image, nothing spreads faster than bad news, therefore if it doesn’t meet or even surpass satisfaction on behalf of the client or customer, that too will be said. Have faith in your ideas and direct it in the way that will be the best in the long run, I’d much rather wait 5 years to grow a loyal and successful product than ‘white lie’ my way through to a 5 month limelight heading to a pathway of eternal criticism.

So when it comes to selling a new product my 3 key points are;

1)      Be confident 

2)      State the benefits 

3)      Be true about what it can achieve

Like I said, it’s your playing field, your decisions and your future. Get selling!

Any Thoughts?

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