Building Achievers – 5 Tips

In connection with my previous article called “Are the overachieving staff become the underachievers?” I have now written 5 tips or points to integrate into the existing business model to help encourage employees not only to work hard but also to enjoy doing it.

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1.       Positive Emotional Connectors


Working is something many see as an additional activity between living. They often focus on family friends and health whilst determined to keep financially secure to maintain those responsibilities. Finding the positive emotional connectors in an individual will make their job seem more valuable and enjoyable as it contributes to them achieving the goals they have. One emotional connector could be the motivation drive to want to support their family, connecting work to the fact that it helps them to do that could make it a more enjoyable task. How can you integrate this is the working environment? Encourage employees to involve family members at office events and or use the incentives that help the juggle other fees within the family household, like insurance or eye tests for the family.  

 2.      Create a Visual Representation

At meetings with the team create visual representations of the goals you wish them to reach. Use images to depict individuals achieving targets as it creates a thought provoking but reachable picture in their minds. Every time the make decisions or effort to complete the task they will have that representation in mind. Likely businesses have formal presentations but incorporating this method could empower employees to pursue the task with a different mind-set and a more positive attitude.

3.      Incentives
Rewards and benefits are all incentives to achieve at work. The thought of acquiring some recognition for their hard work seems appealing. The actual rewards could be as big as small as you wish and can have sentimental values to the company. For example some incentives are;
–       Staff sales
–       Long service
–       Retirement awards
–       Staff recognition
–       Staff retention
–       Staff attendance

4.      Consistency 
Employees want know that their work environment is stable. Consistency shows this. Whether its by regular office events or certain deals or promotions this help employees to learn about the business and adapt to perform accordingly. This encourages better communication to customers as the staff will be aware and sure of the businesses procedures.

5.       Team Management team-management41097g

If you own a large business, dividing the employees into manageable groups will help to refine and define those achievers. This doesn’t mean you put all achievers I one group rather separate by another factor, say department or sectors within the business. This way it is equally separated and can work together to strengthen each other to create a solid team and with al whole bunch of solid teams with a solid foundation work environment where they feel involved and appreciated likely your business will strengthen too.

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