If Walls Could Speak

If Walls Could Talk

If my bedroom walls could speak

They’d ask me why you left

They’d beg me to stop being stubborn

And to clean up all my mess

They’d ask a million questions about the things you’re up to now

And I wouldn’t really answer, because I wouldn’t quite know how

They’d wonder where my smile went and ask to bring it back

And I’ll tell them it’s with you and you’ve moved on, so I don’t know where it’s at

They’d go on strike for days until I made the bedroom warm

Since you left it’s been freezing and their tears have caused a storm

They’d force me to call you

Just so that they could hear your voice

And they’d tell me off and ground me if I brought in any boys

If my bedroom walls could talk

You know I’d have to shut them up

For bribing walls don’t work that well and that’s not good for us

My walls miss your company

And I admit I kind of too

And so they’d wonder what could fix us

And their plan I’d have to see through

I guess my walls would be more truthful

I guess you could trust them more than me

They’d throw tantrums every now and then

To remind me what they need

And until I promised they’d see you soon, the wouldn’t let me be

If my walls could speak, they’d take over

And tell everyone how I feel

Coz they see me when I’m at my lowest

For they see beneath my shield

My walls have forgotten how you look

And miss how your voice sounds

And strictly for their benefit it’d be nice to have you round

Of course I’ll try to explain to them

They’d need to say their goodbyes

But walls can be so stubborn and even temperamental at times

I miss you every moment

And wish you better days

I will love you forever and ever

That’s what my walls would say


Ngozi Elizabeth Okonkwo – 19

Absence has an inability to cure.

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