Guidelines by Eli Oko

Not everything must stay in its guidelines

you can watch truth spill over the edges

Lies filling the gaps of love

Willing to break free or at least break

revealing true colours

To be put back into the cage it came in

We are a generation of unboxing

Love that grows on trees

Branches that snap

like those in our economy

Banks holding tomorrow

Banks releasing today

It’s okay, they say, step out of your guidelines

Who made them anyway

All signs point to them

They, who hold such a title

As they empower the powerless

As their promises become misguided

They can not spell parallel

Watch as the fruits fall with gravity

Proving science right once again

An endless option of colour

Staring to the right they create

Staring to the left they remember

Up they are comfortable

Down they are indecisive

Here they are one

But gone they are the lone wolf

We all hear howling at the moon at midnight

It’s okay to not fit into the box they created

Packaged and ready to go

Bow on top with a note


With a watermark centered

The texture of fine card

Embossed with the sentiment “made with love”

Reading “Not everything must stay in its guidelines”

Accepted for being unaccepted we stand as different

Our hope was never with the ‘Line’ they made us and said stay

Our trust lay in the ‘Guide’ they were to provide so that we would never want to leave.


Any Thoughts?

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