an uproot of hope

What a sad little story, of a flower that bloomed just to die And in this very void, in this very hole you will find That another childless woman so quietly resides.

Like Origami by Eli Oko

Fold me like origami I am a prepackaged square Bend my surface and create lines that will forever define my shape Make me into something beautiful As my curves begin to form Like jagged edges of swords Let the war between my art, fight Let it roar as if a lion This beast of a … Continue reading Like Origami by Eli Oko

Perfect Poetry by Maya Angelou I love having people in my life who help me to acknowledge and grow on the things I'm passionate about in life. Last night I had a 3 hour long chat with a close friend (Greta) and she shared some spoken word performances she had recently seen. I was super impressed and it reminded … Continue reading Perfect Poetry by Maya Angelou