Fatherless by Eli Oko

Perhaps I should know how it feels to be woken up by the biggest hand I’ll ever feel whispering, “breakfast is ready” I should remember what it was like picking the chair closest to daddy, ensuring no gap resided between us as we ate ready-break on cold winter mornings I’d be silly to forget the … Continue reading Fatherless by Eli Oko

Still My Friend by Eli Oko & Nika Taite (Collaborative poetry)

Written By Nika Taite / Written By Eli Oko I'm starting this note from the beginning to the end of our days Maybe a friendship to you was just a mere passing phase I hope you know why I'm doing this I hope you understand and comprehend I hope you know that in my mind … Continue reading Still My Friend by Eli Oko & Nika Taite (Collaborative poetry)

That’s Fine by Eli Oko

Can I highlight the fine line between the plain truths and white lies Things are not always black and white guys Mothers have powers, anything lost they can find It’s the power within, like an owl with their eyes Despite through the high times Mothers are not always right guys and that’s fine. Fathers can … Continue reading That’s Fine by Eli Oko

His Wall by Eli Oko

I found myself staring at his wall. And as I imagined what the other side looked like I was blinded by the everything’s and nothings I saw. It was cold as I stepped off the boat but it seems every journey I take unwillingly takes me to a destination I could only construct in my … Continue reading His Wall by Eli Oko

Life is like a Rubik cube by Eli Oko

Life is like a Rubik cube Each mistake we make allows us to learn how to change, undo the mistake and better steps we then take. We in the same thought, want a perfect match in all we aim for. When born they applaud but before the closed curtain, we need to perform great in your career … Continue reading Life is like a Rubik cube by Eli Oko