The Longest White Gown by Eli Oko

I have watched many women who were pillars of encouragement lose their independence and become statues in their homes. Behind those now mute figures lay memories of strength. I wrote this for all to remember them. Another throwback poem. 16/03/2014

I’m Max by Eli Oko

  I watch the sunset rise And sleep in eyes I yawn and start my day I wait around for my favourite sounds And then allow the scent to lead the way There’s nothing like breakfast Like a meal to set you off Nothing like having someone Who prepares it with so much love It’s leg … Continue reading I’m Max by Eli Oko

Applause by Eli Oko

And the things they say about love echoed with every clap. It’s unpredictable and cold even at its warmest Held hostage in the only place she can't grow daisies Clap, Clap, Clap It’s unfathomable even when explained, in detail Its criss crosses and squiggly lines Among the straight and narrow paths Are like a paved … Continue reading Applause by Eli Oko

Unpaid Dues by Eli Oko

Staring at blank pages I wonder how to start writing the words I feel I think that maybe I should return when the voices chill I can hear them again so clear they begin and don’t end unless I answer They remind me of my unpaid dues we’re like unfazed youths planning to run ways, … Continue reading Unpaid Dues by Eli Oko

That’s Fine by Eli Oko

Can I highlight the fine line between the plain truths and white lies Things are not always black and white guys Mothers have powers, anything lost they can find It’s the power within, like an owl with their eyes Despite through the high times Mothers are not always right guys and that’s fine. Fathers can … Continue reading That’s Fine by Eli Oko