A Concept, Just White Space.

White Space

A while ago I started a new concept called “White Space”. I couldn't explain the relevance of it's name before and found it hard to explain why it was sentimental to me. All until I just saw it explained well to someone in an email before and so therefore realized with a little clarification and … Continue reading A Concept, Just White Space.

The Beauty of Age by Eli Oko

Staring into the mirror, what have I become As the wrinkles get deeper, I count one by one The scars in my eyes As I stand in fear of my past That it catches up to my future and divides me like parts A moment ago I was young and had goals and now I … Continue reading The Beauty of Age by Eli Oko

Are the overachieving staff becoming the underachievers?

Under achieving or over achieving, I believe that every member off your staff deserve quality attention and equal amounts of your time. Motivating in a form of disciplining should be used to encourage your staff to meet targets and stick to rules or guidelines of the company. Despite the fact it may be easier to … Continue reading Are the overachieving staff becoming the underachievers?

On My Own by Eli Oko

 Poem I wrote a while back as I was recognising my strengths and what I could achieve as an individual. Sometimes your let down not so that you can feel hurt and abandoned but so that you realise how much you can succeed in as your walking on your own in life.    On My Own... Alone … Continue reading On My Own by Eli Oko