This Is The Time To Act!

“We don’t want to continue thinking our way into a new way of acting, we want to act our way into a new way of thinking.” – Katherine Fulton


I have realized that it is important to understand that the most selfish desire is to think of yourself, to want to do things that benefit you and maybe those around you. The altruistic steps you take in life can amount to something or nothing. The word succeed comes to mind, it makes me think that maybe the definition which is to “Achieve what one aims or wants to” is the reason why we have entered this self-centered way of living. Dissecting that definition highlights the key negative words ‘one’ and ‘wants’. When we think about succeeding we tend to forget the things needed in place of the things we want, we also have a tendency to think about ‘one’. Success is in the eye of an individual, we limit our success attributes or achievements to only amount as something valuable to us – nobody else.


I’ve studied entrepreneurs closely for months now some already billionaires others on the pathway. But what were their ideas of success? I focused at first understanding what influenced them to pursue the career they took whether it was to become a business owner or invent something incredible. Most times the two interlink and I face a entrepreneur who had a business that also consists of either physical or virtual products that were or are inevitably life changing. With relevance to this article, I learnt that the motive of most entrepreneurs were to help others, to create something or introduce something that wasn’t going to just change their lives but touch and affect the lives of many in a sentimental way. The desire to want to do this is what made them so triumphant. I use the word triumphant because the definition is the “Feeling or expressing jubilation after having won a victory or mastered a difficulty”. This I feel defines their effort best as an entrepreneur doesn’t look for a ‘get rich quick scheme’, but rather the best and most efficient way of solving the problem they found.


So what did this teach me?


This taught me to re-evaluate what I classify as successful, attempt to be triumphant in the things I set my mind to and be determined to make a change to not only my life but that of others. The most rewarding moment will be when I realize something I have initiated has had the ability to help others.


So what now?


I have recognized that the key elements to the general life today are social, virtual and emotional. We feel we need to be social and connected to feel unified and powerful. The ability to think what we want to think, discuss what we want to discuss in places where we feel it most necessary to the people who want to hear it. We also feel that physical restrictions are the thing of the past, that those who lack the ability to be active no longer feel that they are restricted in completing some of the daily activities once very difficult to complete. The virtual world is becoming so real and so convenient that even those who have the time, energy or ability to do things like shopping or paying bills, learning or travelling all still decide to do it online in the virtual word where there are practically no limitations. Delivery services and the ease of paying bills without the hassle of speaking to someone limits social engagement but satisfies the need for things to be virtual and of ease. This links with the final point which is to continue to nourish ourselves with the emotional bonds we need. Communicating socially helps to reach those loved ones and as long as it is virtual, there are no restrictions when it comes to place or time. So how can we link these key elements to endeavor to construct or instigate something not self-interested but by means of the interest of others? Firstly, you must have a problem, something that is restricting the community of people or entire nation to be able to do something worthwhile. Secondly, think about what is being done already to fix or manage this problem, if it is deemed as impossible to solve as a whole what are the temporary fixes in place or as I like to refer to it as an IT professional, what is the ‘Workaround’ presently in place. Third, define, envision and elucidate what you would put in place to ensure that this was going to resolve the quandary you initially found. Fourth, devote time to discern a plan of action to implement this new found system you want to put in place. This means magnifying on key aspects like funding, support, sponsorship and a reliable team who’s desires and values are identical with regards to the project. Unlike a business minded person, an entrepreneur with an integrated progressive business psyche can focus on his desire to pursue something without monetizing the project or business immediately. I am not denying that a huge majority of those entrepreneurs businesses are extremely profitable but their focuses vary and it is imperative to center your mind on something more valuable than money and momentary advancements.


So what is the problem you found? How are you going to change it unlike others already trying to tackle to the problem? And who is going to help you. One thing an entrepreneur never undermines is the support and assistance from a team.


I am happy to involve myself in any projects that are arranged to make a difference to lives either in a community, nation or worldwide. I believe there are solutions, but it takes an honest-hearted person really in it to resolve it to; define, restrict and execute a system that will actually work. We have seen it done many times before, understandably it gets harder as the days go on so why wait for a change when we can be that change? The change can be from helping humans, to animals, to nature, to inventing a product for illnesses, disabilities or to help businesses better their services like providing medication or equipment. The amount of problems that exists are uncountable, therefore the amount of changes yet to be applied are just waiting to be considered.


I’d love to hear about the changes or projects now in motion for a success that benefits all. Please contact me to arrange a Google+ Hangout session or Skype Call or just to email and discuss. I am hoping to help out as much as I can and get involved in something that will really help others. Maybe even discuss some ideas I have for a service that can benefit all.


Katherine Fulton really hit the nail on the head and made me ponder on my reasons for wanting to start businesses and my thoughts on the way people are currently working to solve issues when she said, “We don’t want to continue thinking our way into a new way of acting, we want to act our way into a new way of thinking.”. This is the time to act!


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