Life is like a Rubik cube by Eli Oko

Life is like a Rubik cubeRubik_s_cube_perspective_of_life-27508

Each mistake we make allows us to learn how to change, undo the mistake and better steps we then take. We in the same thought, want a perfect match in all we aim for. When born they applaud but before the closed curtain, we need to perform great in your career , relationships , religion and inner person.

You can be taught a concept, a guide to get through, it’s like matching all the faces on a Rubik cube, same way we refer to the tips and tricks in life handed down by those we trust, love and admire. Maybe that’s the reason why it is so hard and by the end we retire. We’re forever trying to follow a path walked by somebody else rather than taking the basics and then asking for help. Religious ones would answer that the basics are in the bible and the commandments in there can help us to make wise decisions and guide our steps when we feel idle. I agree! But on a non-religious note refer back to the Rubik cube decree… Likely we can ask someone to write down every move they made and follow closely. However the real achievement would be in learning from the wrong moves you took under your own initiative, studying the basics, a concept and look.

Its amazing what you can learn when you open your eyes. All thanks to a kid, here’s my slice of humble pie. Playing with his 3-D combination puzzle invented in 1974 by  Ernő Rubik Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture. Who would have thought!

By the way, the picture depicts a very much deeper perspective on the link between a Rubik cube and life troubles intercept it. Symbolizing practically all what I was thinking, I found it after experiencing this event and was amazed how they captured it yet so simply. Sometimes Words need pictures, I think this picture sums it up… For we survive just to live this life muddled up.

Any Thoughts?

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