Must See: Documentaries for Entrepreneurs


Freakonomics (2010)

Freakonomics helped to construct my thought in order to question the things we often allow to happen in our lives. It made me want to consider how much of the decisions I make in my life are actually from my own initiative and how many are due to the incentives put in front of me. I loved the animation and clear and concise manner in which they approached each subject. We can really learn something as individuals by entertaining some of the concepts considered in this movie.

Suggested Lesson: If you understand the factors that motivate people to action, you just might be able to motivate them to become your biggest customer.

I felt the passion in each speaker to get the point across about how much of a great vocation being a entrepreneur is. The background behind China touched me and motivated me to continue pursuing my reams despite the misfortunes of my current situation. Despite the amazing passion to be someone and do something amazing we also need to remember and take into account the most important factor about becoming an entrepreneur which is to be able to create synergy between like minded individuals to encourage them to work together and towards their dreams. It has reminded me that no mater when or how I manage to reach my goals of becoming an entrepreneur and achieving my dreams that I will not forget to help and motivate others.
Suggested Lesson: Sometimes all the modern-day entrepreneur needs is a little inspiration to press on, even though failure could be right around the corner.
I am currently still going through this recommended list and thought I’d share what I’ve learnt thus far. Hopefully you can watch these and gain inspiration. Let me know what you have thought about some of these great titles and any others that you would recommend.

Any Thoughts?

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