The Art to Achieving Goals

We all have goals we desire to reach, whether they are business related or personal goals, they motivate us to direct and generate energy so as to complete them. Likely we make goals that seem unreachable due to our current situations but we shouldn’t let that determine our future. There are people who aim low so as to ensure they can potentially achieve all goals and others that aim high so as to fall short of still enriching achievements. We often undermine our abilities to succeed and limit ourselves as to how much we can pursue something, however, it is proven by all those who achieve ‘The impossible’ – that the Art to achieving goals is a matter of believing and pushing yourself to accomplish as much as possible.

So what do they possess that others are lacking? Nothing! We all have the same drives in us or at least have the ability to install them if needed. What drives do we need to have or skills do we need to acquire to be able to achieve? There’s not a strict guide as to what will help you to achieve goals, and admittedly we are all different and not ‘One glove fits all’. On the other hand, there are a few points i’d like to suggest that you can consider. These 3 methods and then 3 points have helped me to really visualize and arrange my goals in achievable layers in order to have a clear and concise mindset when it comes to the art of achieving goals.


1) Watch inspiring videos

I tend to watch a lot of inspiring videos daily from YouTube on blogs or even via the TED App I installed on all my devices. I really do recommend this app as it allows you to watch video’s on all different topics and from people all around the world.

My top 3 TED Talks are:

Arunachalam Muruganantham: How I started a sanitary napkin revolution!

Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter …

Larry Smith: Why you ill fail to have a great career


2) Read Books,articles and blogs

I often look for good material to read via researching what other entrepreneurs are reading or writing. Here are 3 sites I try to keep up with and read content from daily.

Millionaire By 25

Loren’s World

Seth Godin


3) Make Notes

When you think of good ideas, points or just another goal you want to reach, write it down! Whilst watching or reading inspirational material also make notes as this allows the information your taking in to be embedded into your mind.


3 points

DEFINE the goals you have!
DEFINE the goals you have!

ENVISION your goals to be a reality!
ENVISION your goals as reality!

REACH your goals - because everything is attainable!
REACH your goals – because everything is attainable!