Introducing RENxELI

Let's begin with a trailer. Because every great blockbuster whets the appetites of its audience.

Undone by Eli Oko (Collab with Alex Undone)

Is this what being an adult feels like? Where shall we start? The goal to be on a billboard Driven by my success, black and white in papers But rainbow effects, in my heart This mission is more than an external goal, It is empowered by what is within Make your inner person great, be … Continue reading Undone by Eli Oko (Collab with Alex Undone)


There is this one person. One human being on earth whom understands the cryptic analogy I possess. Where our sentences correlate and opinions complement each others thoughts and ambitions. Everything they do I am awed by and there is nothing I do that is not supported. I guess the line between dreams and reality have got so close, I … Continue reading Love