Something More Contagious Than Flu!


Okay I  hope nobody panicked! But this is a very stimulating topic.

Ever thought about why you yawn?

One study states that yawning occurs when one’s blood contains increased amounts of carbon dioxide and therefore becomes in need of the influx of oxygen (or expulsion of carbon dioxide) that a yawn can provide

However studies didn’t confirm that giving someone more oxygen increased the amount of times a person yawned or carbon dioxide decreases the amount. So again it is rather peculiar.

Some obvious reason some pose is tired, fatigue, bored and or stressed. Others claim its nervousness and the need to have an impulsive action to occupy them. One I found pretty interesting was that it was for brain cooling, as it was believed yawning could control brain temperatures.

Despite all these plausible propositions, the most interesting point I found which was the reason that enticed me to write about it was that studies show a sign of contagious yawning in animals and humans alike. I’m sure we can all relate that when someone near you yawns, you suddenly get the urge to yawn too. You often hear people say “You’ve started me off now”. We automatically rule it down to hardworking tiredness, or boredom, but some studies show an even more fascinating fact.

“Another speculated reason for yawning is the desire to stretch one’s muscles. Prey animals must be ready to physically exert themselves at any given moment. There have been studies that suggest yawning, especially psychological “contagious” yawning, may have developed as a way of keeping a group of animals alert. If an animal is drowsy or bored, it may not be as alert as it should to be prepared to spring into action. Therefore, the “contagious” yawn could be an instinctual reaction to a signal from one member of the group reminding the others to stay alert.”

This was very thought-provoking! We subconsciously work in such unique manners, protecting and working together without even realising. Whenever we hear that these tests we constructed on animals we tend to feel somewhat offended, but really we are the most miraculous species, without a doubt! The tests are proof that if even animals use such a structured and meaningful procedures, how much more are we doing it?

What a random article, I know! But I found my research really informative. Next time you yawn try and think deeper about your current mental state. You may find a new and innovative proposition as to why we yawn!

150px-Panthera_onca_at_the_Toronto_Zoo_2 images

Baby-Yawn yawning_cartoon

Any Thoughts?

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