On My Own by Eli Oko

 Poem I wrote a while back as I was recognising my strengths and what I could achieve as an individual. Sometimes your let down not so that you can feel hurt and abandoned but so that you realise how much you can succeed in as your walking on your own in life. 

You can recognise your potential when you stop relying on others…


On My Own…

Alone I walk this path way, but it’s not as lonely as it seems

I can remember all the good times, I can tell you where I’ve been

I feel to fly across the sky now; I think I’ve never felt this free

As I’ve become the best version of the “me” I wish to be

Alone I walk this tight rope, but it’s not as dangerous as it sounds

I can feel fresh air around me and I will not hit the ground

I feel to run the rope I stand on, I can’t even feel the pain

As I’ve got so much more ahead of me, I have so much more to gain

Alone I walk this Motorway, but it’s not filled with cars or vans

I can only see friends and family, station, reaching out a hand

I feel to step towards the light now, on my own I wish to tread

As I’ve motivated myself, to reach out for what’s inside my head

Alone I walk this life I live, taking each day as it comes

I can walk the rope, motorway and pathway as tomorrow it may be gone

I feel to capture every moment; it’s the trials that make me grow

It’s amazing what I can overcome, when I’m walking, On My Own.


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