Stand Up To Cancer ! – Raising Awareness

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Stand Up To Cancer
Stand Up To Cancer!!

If you have lost someone to cancer then I am sure you would understand why supporting causes such as this one is important. I understand that just me writing it here is not saving any lives. However I feel like bringing awareness to the important issues such as this is what we all should do. So I have at least 30 views a day on my blog, I would feel happy if I even got 10 like for this entry. I just know I have taken a second to bring what means a lot to me to attention. It also allows maybe one reader to realise they are not hurting alone. They are not suffering from the effects of losing someone to cancer alone.

There is a way to show you care, and most of the time it can be just by listening. Right now I am supporting, supporting the campaign, supporting those facing cancer that may feel alone, supporting those whose friends or family members are diagnosed , supporting those who also empathize with the words in this post. All I want is for you to check out the link and see how you can make a difference, whether it is by reposting this and raising awareness or making a donation. In fact you can make a difference and show your support by commenting and expressing your feelings.

This blog is not just for the random thoughts that cross my mind or the talented people that I have the privilege of writing about but also so that I can voice bigger opinions and release inner emotions.

I hope you appreciate my words of comfort and wish you all the best as we together … Stand Up to Cancer!




Join the Stand Up To Cancer Social Networks;

Click the Image to Read Katie’s Story;

Click the Image to  Watch Katie’s Story

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