Bohemian Beauty by Eli Oko

You wild free spirit

Roaming about the streets

Searching for art

As you pass a blue door

We see a ‘blue door’

But your Instagram pictures say a thousand words more

This Bohemian Beauty

Breaks rules and makes rules

Like ‘Rules must be ignored’

She pastes quotes from within onto her skin

From paper to walls

Everyone applauds

This Bohemian Beauty

She has no style

She says she has days of the week

And emotions in each

Not held down by fashion trends

Starts or ends

She continues to just be

Open to just see

This Bohemian Beauty

Who left no one behind

Ran from the sheltered home

They told her it was time

To just be

To just see

Said she will grow to love the things she feared the most

And boy were they right

She finds abandoned buildings

She sees the art in town lights

Boy were they right

She found her feet

The art district is what keeps her alive

Boy were they right

This Bohemian Beauty

This unconventional riot

She has pathed the way for all today

Succeeding in creating a new way of being

We owe our inspiration

We owe our open minds

We owe our every dime

To the one who will spend forever wandering

This Bohemian Beauty.


Any Thoughts?

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