FRIDAY by Eli Oko

It’s Friday

I mean, I know it’s a workday

But it’s Friday

And I mean, I know I don’t work

But it’s still Friday to me

So does it matter?

I have still experienced the week

Not in the conventional way

Where I would get up and say

“My boss is going to kill me”

If I am running late

And no I can’t really run late

Actually, most days I just wont raise

But honestly, that is more draining

When the rays of sun is your only

“Good Morning”.

I don’t get a room full of chatter

Or a desk full of fruits

Well actually, I do

But I hate these voices in my head

For all that they have said

I mean, It’s Friday

And I might buy fruits

I just hope they are not off again

And I think about emails, I should probably send

Just like you

So what should I do?

Not be happy about Friday’s?

All because I have nothing to do?

I love the weekends

A break from the chatter

I’d say a break from the work, but I won’t take it that far

I mean after Fridays

I get to recuperate

I get to re-oil my engines and find new ways to wait for


There’s no point to this speech

Just a way for me to feel like it’s Friday

I don’t write the date any other day

So here’s to my day.


And hey voices… No they don’t care that you’re here

In fact I’m glad that they can’t hear

In fact I need to do my hair

It’s Friday.

Any Thoughts?

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