Peace, Joy & Acceptance

I feel extremely blessed today. I was in such a good mood and was feeling positive and that reflected on so many different things throughout my day. I watched so many situations be diffused because I genuinely responded with kindness and kept positive. If there was no peace at the table, I was willing to bring my share in hope it could ‘cover multitudes’. I think that it is a mindset thing and I don’t usually dwell on these feelings enough because I think that it is true that they shouldn’t be rewarded. I believe it should be encouraged and then it should become routine. Most importantly I think for it to come naturally you need to recognise its power. We are so quick to beat ourselves up for things that go wrong or for the negative emotions we fester. We end up saying things like “I hate that about myself!” but yet, how often do we say “I love the way I handled that!”? Honestly, nothing drastic happened today that required me to not be negative and respond rashly although I also have concluded that it could be due to my approach to the day, today was so – I want to say ‘light’, because that is how I felt. I felt there were no heavy weights on me and I could  live, laugh and love freely.

It may sound crazy but it was as if I wore joy today. Come to think of it all those I surrounded myself with today, about 40 in total – had the same mentality or at least gave off that same vibe. There was no effort needed and it was not in an environment that called for any specific behavior, everyone was just relaxed and free. I know I am typing loads and I feel like I am going round in circles about this topic but I truly am speechless. I feel there is nothing I could write in this moment that will captivate the emotion I feel but I had to try.

That’s the weird thing, right now I feel I could try anything. Nothing is out of my reach and no one is out of my reach. If I wanted to connect with you – I would and I could. I mean that openly, about everyone. Everyone that surrounded me today contributed to my peace and I think that is because I first allowed myself to be peaceful.

If that makes sense?

Ultimately, today I realised that you just need to accept the world for what it is and for what it is not. 

I never do posts like this and I think this year, I will. I always write in my memos and then forget about them, at least here it can be shared. I hope it is also appreciated.


May peace be with you all



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