EÖ Presents 》Muzic King

Muzic King is a rap artist from Inglewood, California who’s been buzzing online lately. His newest track is hustle inspired west coast hit.


A bit about Muzic King:


You are in the studio until late/early hours of the morning, what are you eating and/or drinking?Usually in the studio I’m drinking lemonade or cranberry juice.

What track would you say you connect with most?
I connect with my newest track RUN ME THAT MONEY, because I’m all about getting paid. I’m a hustler!

Who is the number 1 artist you would want to work with if you had the chance?
The number one artist I would want to work with, over everybody else in the industry is Jay-Z. He’s the best!

What is your idea of success?
Success is living the lifestyle you want to live and doing all the things you want to do. Success is living out your dream. Everybody’s success is relative to their own personal lifestyle. My lifestyle is RokkStar.

What can we expect in the near future from Muzic King?
You can expect Muzic King to drop a whole lot of more music and videos! And, of course a new project before the year is over.



Check out Some music from Muzic King over at PRESSPL4Y


Muzic King.png

Find Muzic King Online:

RokkStar Money Gang YouTube

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