EÖ Presents 》Alex Undone

Who is Alex Undone? Following on from her live periscope I reached out to Alex in order to speak with her about what is next in her journey. I had the chance to share my spoken word piece inspired by her live periscopes, Undone is a poem inspired by an amazingly talented artist and model known by the … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》Alex Undone

EÖ Presents 》TAIN

Another great artist to introduce to you all! Another astounding american artist from Richmond US, TAIN!     Here is a mini interview with TAIN so you can get to know him even better! Mini Interview: Talk us through your latest song "Well HUNDOE is a song that i created off how I felt and … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》TAIN

EÖ Presents 》Clear Path by Amami.H

"Let not the bend distort your focus. "

EÖ Presents 》Flamenco Benalmadena

Traditional Flamenco to Fusion & Modern music

EÖ Presents 》#LondonSPÖTLIGHT: KGrafix

So much buzzing talent in London Town and part of a series of #SPÖTLIGHT I would like to present to you the first #LondonSpotlight feature : KGrafix. KGrafix is run by Entrepreneur and Graphic Designer Kyri.K  he does both professional business projects as well as fantastic digital art. I have had the privilege to work … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》#LondonSPÖTLIGHT: KGrafix


I present to you Brandon Wolf Hill from Minneapolis, sharing his talent globally and flying through the music scene. As a YouTuber, Music Artist and Model he is truly showing what it takes to reach for your goals. His goal is to connect with people through music and be able to help others to find inspiration. During … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》BRANDON WOLF HILL

“Written Today, Heard Tomorrow” Extract by Eli Oko

  • hands • We are the hands clasped tight The palms open wide We are the veins pumping The words flowing through them We are the distilled emotions As if fingers running through a tangeled skull Untwisting knots in thoughts that are dull We are the hands That carried weight When even your heart … Continue reading “Written Today, Heard Tomorrow” Extract by Eli Oko

EÖ Presents 》 Where Do I Begin by Greta Sviderskyte

Where do I begin? I am feeling something that is difficult to describe. It's something along the lines, of an empty space inside of me that needs to be filled. Not with answers to questions that so many question. The questions to why? Why me? Why do all of these innocent people die? Why does … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》 Where Do I Begin by Greta Sviderskyte

EÖ Presents 》We Are Bored by Nika Taite

  A man walks down the street and bang he's gone Questions raised: Who is he? Was he meant to die? A big man leaving his family home at dawn No questions raised just one simple word said, goodbye Did they know this was the final farewell? Was hugs exchanged and hearts poured? Or did … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》We Are Bored by Nika Taite

EÖ Presents 》 Eric Eckert: I Draw Mazes

"I’m hoping to have my first maze book self-published before 2013”. – Eric Eckert After years attempting learn I have resulted to accepting the fact that either you can draw or you can’t draw! I've tried to learn, to trace, even dot to dot! With no success I must say the talent to be able to draw … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》 Eric Eckert: I Draw Mazes