Legacy by Eli Oko

He brought the pale sky to its knees
And as the heavens bowed at his sacrifice he was willing to make
His soles became numb
And the concrete laid heavy beneath him
This weight resembled all that he wished to remove
“This was gravity”, he thought
“What would life be without it?”
And as he looked up to the sky he then wondered why
“Why fight gravity?”
What if gravity was to be the beginning and end of him
The force he was to reckon with from every corner of life
The one round that was to knock him off his feet
Was to send him hurling 23 floors
Was to not only end his life but also yours
Because you saw him, hurl himself into his enemies hands
You saw the flicker of light shine from his smile
The smile that says, “hi gravity, I am yours.”
Where was his heart beat at this moment?
Did his tears not drip to his lips and leave the salty residue we call regret
Left for him to taste, sweet was removed and bitter replaced
The sky caved in and praised his confidence
“I will die
I will expire like winds
Felt but not seen
Here but soon gone
I will hurl myself into the lives of pedestrians.
So that they learn to pay more attention to the skies and the blessings that fall from them
They will look up more often in fear
The balanced kind of fear that says, I am yours.
Hurling for 23 floors, they will fall for someone beyond them
They will kiss them under pale skies
And nature will bend its knees because it was meant to be
And as green grass grows through the concrete
They will remember why I allowed gravity to pull me in
So that I can grow through the impossible
As proof to all, that
You will die
But first you will live
And they will feel the difference you made, because you will show them
And you will forever continue to be here, even when you are gone
Because love, is your legacy.”

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