Legacy by Eli Oko

It's not about love but it is and although it's not about death, it is. But it's a little positive... and hopefully a little inspiring. It's about growing through the feeling of feeling nothing so that one day you can leave behind something.

I’m Max by Eli Oko

  I watch the sunset rise And sleep in eyes I yawn and start my day I wait around for my favourite sounds And then allow the scent to lead the way There’s nothing like breakfast Like a meal to set you off Nothing like having someone Who prepares it with so much love It’s leg … Continue reading I’m Max by Eli Oko

Unpaid Dues by Eli Oko

Staring at blank pages I wonder how to start writing the words I feel I think that maybe I should return when the voices chill I can hear them again so clear they begin and don’t end unless I answer They remind me of my unpaid dues we’re like unfazed youths planning to run ways, … Continue reading Unpaid Dues by Eli Oko