Perfect Poetry by Maya Angelou

I love having people in my life who help me to acknowledge and grow on the things I’m passionate about in life. Last night I had a 3 hour long chat with a close friend (Greta) and she shared some spoken word performances she had recently seen. I was super impressed and it reminded me of the last piece that touched my heart.  It was part of a documentary with Maya Angelou. I showed her the poem “still I rise” which was my first encounter with the inspiring figure. This was back in year 10 in Ms Nation’s English class. How I loved learning and soaking up the lessons in literature, a beautiful opportunity to explore.

I then promised Greta that I’d send her the documentary that touched me deeply when I found the link.  Of course when I sent it I had to write my own little views and findings from it and it got me talking/writing/expressing/releasing – whatever you would like to call it! It got me sharing,  that’s just one of the effects that Maya Angelou’s work has on its readers and listeners.

As I anxiously wait for Greta’s views I felt I needed to share this with you all. It is too good to hold back.  When you get a quiet moment, watch this video from beginning to end.

Here is what I wrote to Greta. It’s not on the topic of the documentary – it is just the thoughts that came to mind after watching it the second time over:

It is so moving to hear her story. What a beautiful woman inside. Focus on her speech and her specific words.  Her eye contact, facial expressions and pretty much everything else.

She has got so many stories. It makes me wonder what goes through our parents minds. Perhaps they think and feel just as deeply but just can not express as freely.

Each year they saw the world around them changing, they saw the clouds and seas all rearranging. I feel they are the dinosaurs we create myths about, the wonderful stories we wish to tell. The hopes we store up, the bones we collected that changed yesterday and tomorrow.

How can we show appreciation for such wisdom when we learn to appreciate so late in life?

Not at 2 when I was encouraged to run. Or 13 when I was weaned into teenage life and it’s responsibilities – crossing roads with no hand in sight. Not even at 21 when worldwide I was considered mature and I was taught to stand with no support. Live life with no rear view and fly across seas with no guidance, landing in foreign lands with no person to greet us.

When do we get to show appreciation for these things despite the fact we still have not truly learnt to appreciate?

How do we glorify the wisdom and when it is too late?


When I hear perfect poetry like the work of Maya Angelou it gets me thinking deeply about things I didn’t even realise I had such deep and passionate thoughts about.

 Enjoy the video 😊x

Greta featured on AFOTW remember?
Check her out here – EÖ Presents 》 Where Do I Begin by Greta Sviderskyte

Image Credit: – Remember Maya Angelou

Any Thoughts?

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