They’re Losing ME by Eli Oko

Nobody should determine whether you are strong enough to stand or fall

That is your choice

If I could teleport right now, I would go to where I need be

I would navigate to that area

I would pinpoint that street

I would stand before those doors and walk in very proud

I would forget about last night, the last hour, the last minute

I’d focus on now

I think the pain in my eyes would be translated

As keen and determined

And the stains from the tears that have dried would just prove

That I have been yearning

I think if I want to make the change

I need to make the change

And so changes need to be made

If I want to make a difference

I shouldn’t allow myself to be phased

It’s not my loss every time someone walks away

Because it’s not as if in their life everything stays the same

They’re losing me

And if I walk into that place

And they see my face

And they ask me to leave

That is their choice

They’re losing me

Or if they send me on

And employers just mock and make fun

That’s okay, I won’t worry see, because

They’re losing me

But when I get home

And I release all those tears that I have built up

Over the days, over the months, over the Years

Of rejection and fears

I’ll start again, a new path I’ll walk free

And everything that I have had to let go off won’t be able to

See, believe, proceed…

Won’t be able to breathe and would lay in their grief

Because they’re losing me

They’re Losing ME.

Any Thoughts?

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