They’re Losing ME by Eli Oko

Nobody should determine whether you are strong enough to stand or fall That is your choice If I could teleport right now, I would go to where I need be I would navigate to that area I would pinpoint that street I would stand before those doors and walk in very proud I would forget … Continue reading They’re Losing ME by Eli Oko

The 1st by Eli Oko 

And I prayed that my prayer be heard. As he mentioned all the reasons I felt we should walk away  He concluded that he didn't know what to say But I felt the letters form in my mouth of what we should do And as they bubbled forth I looked up to my patchy ceiling … Continue reading The 1st by Eli Oko 

Above Us by Eli Oko

... And the world we live in was blue with the sound of the sky above us. Why? they whispered, but I never answered. And the heat from the words unspoken blew holes into her soul that was beneath her thoughts. No lost carriage on our runaway train just the passengers and the 4 legged … Continue reading Above Us by Eli Oko

Colder than words by Eli Oko

These were your words, these are my words. Let us make a line between them and not allow the ends to meet. Let us show all for what it is really worth. These are powerful,  these are weak. I am like lava melting as a condescending tone amongst truthful speech. I am not warm, I … Continue reading Colder than words by Eli Oko