T- Technical

R- Reasoning

U- Underlining

S- Simple

T- Technique


Attempt to immerse yourself in deep thinking and reason the situation which will highlight and underline the method you should take in order to be trusting or regain trust in someone.

I believe That Trust Is a matter of reasoning, you learn to trust someone by weighing out the facts and deciphering between lies and truth, between something you can overlook and something that changes everything and everyone.

If you have good reasoning skills it can teach you to trust better – To be able to accurately judge a person by their actions. Taking into account their characteristics and the obvious downfall of imperfection, you can regain trust if you WANT to, but that’s where many find it hard and decide to give up. Weakness inside allows you to stop trying to attain happiness. It is easier to be someone who is distrusting and cautious than it is to be forgiving, talented in the skill of reasoning.

Break free from the powerful hold of resentment, you will only imprison yourself to your own anger seeking revenge.

Any Thoughts?

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