The Longest White Gown by Eli Oko

I have watched many women who were pillars of encouragement lose their independence and become statues in their homes. Behind those now mute figures lay memories of strength. I wrote this for all to remember them. Another throwback poem. 16/03/2014


"I will not stop until I have dripped words on every moving topic that forces me to stand still." - eli oko

Glasshouse by Eli Oko

With Windows and doors With walls and floors With a surrounding so pretty and a thousand reasons to never leave They travel into the crowds amongst the civilians They pretend to hold everything in the bags they carry But it's nothing Just hopes and dreams and the little things inbetween From the inside it seems … Continue reading Glasshouse by Eli Oko

My Social Love by Eli Oko

Whatsapp's are green Emails are blue But even my phone knows When it's a message from you Snapchats go ping And IG belts a sound I treasure a message from you Wherever it's found. -EO

To achieve

To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. Follow me on Twitter! @Nerd_Bird23


T.R.U.S.T T- Technical R- Reasoning U- Underlining S- Simple T- Technique   Attempt to immerse yourself in deep thinking and reason the situation which will highlight and underline the method you should take in order to be trusting or regain trust in someone. I believe That Trust Is a matter of reasoning, you learn to trust someone by weighing out the … Continue reading T.R.U.S.T