A Year Gone By by Eli Oko

A Year Gone By


Long gone are the days where I smiled without reason

Changed are my ways, just like the season

Lost in a whirlwind, influx of pain

Returning to emptiness in every sort of way

Blown are the leaves that lay on my heart

That covered the bruises and reveals all the scars

Tired are the eyes as they begin to give in

Sore are the throats from the birds as they sing

Retired are the cats that lay by the fire

Declined are the dogs that guard their empire

Washed are the sands that stretch out by the sea

But bright are the lighthouses for fishermen’s needs

We struggled a year to do what we do

It ends with a sigh, a yawn and the flu

For in this year, you’ve learnt to hold on

You’ve learnt to let go

And you’ve waited for some

Within this year you’ve learnt quite enough

You’ve learnt you could hate

But importantly to love

A year gone by and your glad that it’s through

Now prepare for another, decide what to do

For it’s a fresh new start like the beginning of time

You can focus on goals, determined to try

The months starts back at 1 and before it hits 9

You can’t help but ponder on the year that’s gone by.


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