EÖ Presents 》’Dare Devil’ Nuno!

There’s no limit to what you can do. You just got to believe– Nuno

Just Believe….

 “Absolutely amazing!”, “The human body is crazy!” ,“Is that really possible? ”Every find yourself shouting that at the TV when you see entertainers do the craziest of things? Who doesn’t ! I would like to say I’m a little dare devil because I used to jump from one sofa to the other whilst pretending to be Spider-man and that the floor was full of lava, but that doesn’t even come close to even entertaining my mum let alone millions of viewers. I have always wanted to speak to someone who does that for a living and thanks to my call out for people to feature in my blog, I got to do just that!

On my search for talent, I came across the biggest Dare Devil in Europe! He brings a whole new meaning to entertainment let alone the phrase ‘Dare Devil’. I knew that I wouldn’t be the only one that would be ‘ooh-ing and ahhh-ing’ after checking out some of his shows. So ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for ‘another talented individual’ expressing themselves! 

Nuno started this show about 11 year ago, when he was 17. He was working as entertainer in Mallorca and then starting doing the Fakir show with fire, broking glass etc. In the beginning it was a really simple show but very spectacular, and now more than 10 years later he is one of the best fakir/Mentalist in Europe because no one has his ability to sustain the pain as he does.

There is no limit!

Mini Interview:

Why did you start doing this type of entertaining? What inspired you?

“In that time was a performer who came once a week doing this kind of show in our Hotel and I learned a lot from him”.

Do you feel any pain whilst performing?

“The acts that I’m doing consist a big level of concentration and also hard work training. When I’m on stage I don’t feel anything and I can do almost anything with my body and that’s what makes my show incredible”.

What’s your favourite entertaining act that you have performed?

“My favourite act is the Guinness record for having 750 KG on my body for 10 second. The first time when I done this act for the audience it was live on TV for about 2 million people live, and was really unbelievable for some people because I’m only 74 Kg and that is absolutely not logical but I did it with success”.

Nuno The Entertainer

Check him out online at:

Facebook:     Facebook.com/nuno.ch

YouTube:      YouTube.com/denieuweurigeller

Twitter:           @_Nuno_

Email:             nuno@nunoshow.nl

Website:         http://www.nunoshow.com

Watch Live Shows on youtube:

Nuno Live Show – 7

Nuno Live Show – 3

Nuno Live Show – 5

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