I am the plant by Eli Oko

He said he found inspiration in the words I wrote He said he was glad he had found Such talent between my temple He said he had always wished for creative connectivity Never expected to gain it Attain it And now left to maintain it He forgets to water my creativity Like a house plant … Continue reading I am the plant by Eli Oko

The 1st by Eli Oko 

And I prayed that my prayer be heard. As he mentioned all the reasons I felt we should walk away  He concluded that he didn't know what to say But I felt the letters form in my mouth of what we should do And as they bubbled forth I looked up to my patchy ceiling … Continue reading The 1st by Eli Oko 

We Found Love (Acoustic Cover)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnWJi6d2sgs Our acoustic cover of We Found Love with a twist! Vocals: Reece Raymond follow on twitter @MissReecey Guitar: Joshua Dahdrai follow on twitter @nuttysk8punk MC: Elizabeth Okonkwo Francis AKA Miiss Remzz follow on twitter @Nerd_Bird23

If Walls Could Speak

If my bedroom walls could speak They’d ask me why you left They’d beg me to stop being stubborn And to clean up all my mess They’d ask a million questions about the things you’re up to now And I wouldn’t really answer, because I wouldn’t quite know how They’d wonder where my smile went … Continue reading If Walls Could Speak

Beyond The Tears

Beneath the smiles is pain and hurt The spears of love do scar And although time may pass and things may change You always remember the start For you remember the jokes you shared The sweet words that echoed loud And although you know why you had to let go You wish they were near … Continue reading Beyond The Tears