Snipe Hunt by Eli Oko

Right on target

Aim is clear

I felt your eyes meet mine

Your mind leaked rhymes

All others couldn’t compare

See at first I never put 2 + 2

I should have known it was hopeless

I had everything to lose

Music and cider

Comforted by neither

I was just happy to be out

There was art surrounding me

Astounding me was the sound of skateboards

Under tunnels

That echoed symphony

You and me

Was no surprise

Each time we locked eyes

I felt everything inside

Like a colourful dance

What do you call a 100 butterflies?

You had me

And I begged you to be sure

I didn’t need your loyalty to follow me to the soil

Just enough to keep me alive

Dead inside I know maths was neither our stong points

I try to dive into positivity and not dwell on the wrong points

One Image

That is all I see

Seeing all that we could have been


You let them all free

I hate poems about you

But you’re perfect poetry

Funny how the shots fired echoed like skateboards under tunnels

Holes leave me puzzled

As all you have ever told me escapes

With nearly half of what we had, passed

An unread message tells me your mind may leak rhymes once again

Or at least you’d like to remind me of these bullet holes

This is loyal to the soil?

Supine, staring at the sky, pasted with thick clouds covered by treetops

And wonder If you knew


You were never going to “win me by default”

I wish it wasn’t true

I have been set this impossible task

to find true love

and I’m such a loser

I thought I saw you.







Snipe Hunt: By extension, any hunt, search, or quest for something that is fictitious, non-existent, elusive, or illusory.

Group of butterflies: A collective name for a group of butterflies is called a ‘Kaleidoscope’.

Supine: Lying face upwards.

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