What is the value of a ‘Like’?


Why do businesses go around asking people to ‘like’ their content on Facebook, it’s not about the number of likes they get or where each like comes from anymore. It’s just about the reaction. So a business gets 1000 likes on their status promoting their new deal, but who cares when that action may not even cause a chain reaction for 1000 people to buy the product? Well I do! I care about how many people like the status because likes are it will determine how many people approve of the product and that in turn provides a value for the ‘like’. It’s not as easy as saying the ‘like’ equals the value of the product, rather it’s deeper. The value of a ‘like’ in oppose to the value of the product doesn’t have anything in common. It doesn’t boast the same value simply because it isn’t measured in the same currency. One ‘like’ isn’t a monetary value but rather a subconscious rating and business enhancement. That post has 1000 people cheering it on to succeed and wishing it to deliver.  

So what is the value of a ‘Like’? Well nothing! However the time someone spent and the initiative they used to make a visual statement that they are in agreement with this deal, is exactly what companies need. They don’t necessarily need likes, it could have been a ‘kick’ button or a ‘send a fish’ button for all it matters. What they do need is individuals to continue taking time to visually show they care about the products or services they have to offer.

So how could we ruin the status quo? By telling people that their ‘likes’ actually have no value, rather it’s the time they waste clicking the ‘like’ button that matters. Truth is no one does things for nothing, therefore the stamp of approval on a status seems like something to be proud of and so we continue to do it. What if liking a status was not a visual display, but rather it was just a thing for you to know in your mind that you like it? Pointless right! So my point is, even though we know that it’s only a visual statement and not something with actual value, just to make our mark and show our approval we’ll take the time to do it. That’s all businesses need to know to be honest!

I’m a positive person, so I also want to consider how can we also encourage the status quo. We can do this simply by supporting all the companies we approve of and giving them the boost of encouragement they are asking for. We go around ‘liking’ and ‘Retweeting’ and just pretend we’re still ignorant to the truth that all we do online has no literal value.

Just a random thought. Do not hesitate to Share this post on and get me some likes 🙂


Any Thoughts?

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