I’m Max by Eli Oko


I watch the sunset rise

And sleep in eyes

I yawn and start my day

I wait around for my favourite sounds

And then allow the scent to lead the way

There’s nothing like breakfast

Like a meal to set you off

Nothing like having someone

Who prepares it with so much love

It’s leg day and so we grab our gear

And out the door we head

We like beautiful sights

Paths that lead to heights

A view that can’t be compared

I spend my time educating

About the things I see up close

The little things that he won’t see

If he went travelling on his own

We stop to speak with friends

They ask if we’re okay

And they always greet me separately

I’m max. We’re missing Jane.


Were going through a lot right now

We’ve struggled quite a while

We’ve made it through the first hurdle

And we get stronger mile by mile

She was a woman of pure beauty

But she left us in an ugly way

As she was battling a thing that beats many

He said she always was so brave

Ever since she left us I think things haven’t been the same

She misses every breakfast

I’m max. We’re missing Jane.


Happy in the present though

We try to keep alight

As the morning drifts to noon

And the evening blends to nights

We don’t stay out too late anymore

But we used to wander loads

Now there’s only one place

We really like to go

I think he’s taking it better than me

He keeps a smile on his face

And he moved my bedding closer

Say’s I crave a familiar place

I think he knows I really miss her

And so he tries to ease the pain

And he still sets out her favourite wine glass

And sets up her favourite dinner plate

I sit beneath her chair now

Still waiting for the food

Waiting for him to fling it over

But today he hasn’t moved

I think I’ll just go over to him and tell him I’m okay

That I don’t need him to sing her favourite song to me tonight

Or play her favourite game

I think I’ll just go and get some rest

And hope he’ll come and do the same

He’s been sitting there for a while now

I don’t think he likes the change

Although it’s been some time now

I’m max. We’re missing Jane.

Any Thoughts?

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