A Concept, Just White Space.

White Space

White Space

A while ago I started a new concept called “White Space”. I couldn’t explain the relevance of it’s name before and found it hard to explain why it was sentimental to me. All until I just saw it explained well to someone in an email before and so therefore realized with a little clarification and tweaking… It’s ready to be shared.

White Space is where I’d take something complicated and elaborated and scale it into bite size realizations. I watch movies, go to plays, Listen to inspirational talks and find other sources of entertainment intriguing, some may be fictional but they come from real minds, they are concepts that are not far from us all. White Space travels and explains what the reader, listener or audience can take from sources of entertainment or experiences that surround us daily and convey’s it in the deepest but simplest form to reach those who are capable of understanding.

Devoted to sharing the most important topics in the simplest form, I focus on minimalism, elaboration within means but clarity nonetheless. I appreciate the intricate details that are visions from afar, the ability to step back and analyse, criticize and learn without directly being in contact. We often choose this method without realizing and at times it may force us down pathways least expected. We decide we want a certain type of happiness but realize from a distance it’s a completely different notion. Expectancy is what holds us back from being happy, and White Space tackles the most important yet entertaining facts about those journeys we embark on in love, life, entertainment and all other key features associated with existence. It is personal and also builds an audience of people really out to talk and express, we have the occasional drive to express but consistently avoid the passion to release. Understanding business, personal life trials, health and lifestyle, entertainment plus much more – White Space is what will help us to go back to purity. We watch movies that were directed to prove a point, to stir up some sort of emotion and to urge us to seek for answers. Entertainment can teach us about businesses, about men, about women, about children, about work and about rest. I do all things not only with the intention to learn, but also to teach. I meditate on how I can use things in my everyday life. Comedies, action, romance even thrillers – They teach us indirectly, they mold us subconsciously.  I indulge in deep words and emotion, where all agree that “Silence speaks” and is always heard. It is simplicity in its simplest form – A concept, Just White Space.

Coming Soon.

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